About Us

It started back in April 2013 with our main goal: to make natural bath and body care products. Fast forward to what it is now – our family owned business has become more of what we can do.

By staying true to our goal, we continued to diversify our product lines and the way our products have been made. Through thorough study and listening to our patrons, we have come up with a line of products that are simple, natural, and are truly effective.

We believe in the integrity of the product that we make so we always ensure the amount of ingredients are carefully formulated to ensure it is limited but still retains its effectiveness. All these are formulated with most, if not all, natural ingredients as we do not partake in putting in artificial fillers so as not to compromise the product. These ingredients are mainly, but not limited to, the following: plant oils, fruit oils, salts, clay, and among others.

Our products have been patronized by a good number of clients and have been in use religiously for quite some time now. As an example, our handmade soaps for dry skin are well loved by our clients for its velvety lather and most importantly, it provides softness and moisturizes the skin. Our whipped body butter with Shea butter was even given a 5 out of 5 stars review because of its considerable price value against its size and content. Our products are even customizable and can be compatible to every skin type. We devised this set-up to ensure that each product can have more chances of compatibility for each client.

Apart from all these, we want to ensure our great products come with great customer service as well. We would like to have a personal approach towards our clients and even offer free personal delivery to specified areas such as in Northern Virginia within Fairfax County. This way our clients would feel that they are important to us in which we truly value their presence and their continued patronage.

Our vision is to create a common notion: that a skin product can be as natural as it can be without ever compromising its state of compatibility to various skin differences. Our product’s ingredients are mentioned in detail to cater to those who are particular, with the content of the product that they would want to use on their skin. At the same time, we would like to be transparent with what we can do to our products and how will it effect on our drive for overall customer experience.

For more information about our products, please feel free to contact us through email at info@giftscreatedbynature.com.