About Us


Thanks for your interest in Gifts Created by Nature

Gifts Created by Nature, LLC is a family owned business. Our vision and heart felt intentions are to develop products that provide beauty results and promote health. We at GCBN take an all-natural approach to our bath and body care products. We use fresh ingredients of the highest quality mainly plant and fruit base. Some of our raw ingredients included are Shea butter,  fruit oils and clay. Our signature product line has the natural elements of what nature offers. All body care products are made with mineral rich ingredients straight from the earth. GCBN continuously search for additional ingredients for our products; so there is always something new and exciting! The best part is that every product is made by our hands and with care.

Try our Whipped Shea Butter or our Handmade Soap with Essential Oils. Great for Sensitive Skin! We do not use artificial ingredients to alter the natural look or feel of our products. All products are made in the USA.

We are dedicated in providing the best products for you and your family for years to come. Allow us to be a service to you.