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Luscious body lotions that are best for dry skin has moisture absorbing ingredients. We blend in exotic oils that are the best lotions from GCBN.  They are light in weight and gives a nice glow without a greasy feeling. Got to give it a try to see how amazing our lotion works.  Made for use on all skin types.  The lotion container size is 8 ounces. 

GCBN's  Lotions are made using the holistic approach of an all natural blend of ingredients that large companies tend to avoid.  Lightly apply on the arms and neck several minutes before bedtime.  Can be used all over the body as well.  Never made with synthetics, perfumes or dyes.

One of our favorites is the handcrafted Calming Night Time Lotion that contains the following ingredients:

  •  Almond Oil conditions and moisturizes skin and contains Vitamin E
  •  Bergamot Oil produce the natural relaxation hormones in the brain
  •  Cedarwood Oil sedative effects on your mind when inhaled
  •  Clary Sage anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial mineral. Ease muscle tension
  •  Lavender Oil calms the nervous system & promote relaxation 
  •  Oatmeal soothes irritated skin and is especially helpful for sensitive skin types

You can choose your favorite lotion from the option list on the checkout page. 

 All products are proudly Made in America!