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Expected release date is 8th Nov 2021

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Handmade Soap Loaf Service for Members 


  • Are you seeking a soap service company?  
  • Do you like handmade soap but do not have the time to make them for yourself and family? 
  • Are concern about the ingredients found in many over the counter soaps that are mass produced?

If you are that person mentioned above take a deep breath and relax!  GCBN can make soaps for you.  Our soaps are produced in small batches for our members.  We keep it simple and only produce small batches at a time for a small group of GCBN members. 

You can pre-order soaps in bulk today for a special savings. You will receive a soap loaf pre-cut into seven soap bars of the same scent with each bar weighting approximately 5.2 ounces.

Please join us today and get started with soaps produced exclusively for you and your family.

Your soap loaf ingredients are Saponified olive and coconut oil; Shea butter, castor oil, sea salt and essential oils of choice.  Our soaps are free of artificial ingredients, dyes and perfumes. 


Most of all Thank You in Advance for Allowing Us to be a Service to You!  Buy our soap loaf or bars today.

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